LogIn, Password, Username, Disabled and Hacked Problems

Note that iGrann does not control in any way Instagram user accounts. Only Instagram does.

Getting error “There was a problem with your request”

According to an iGrann user “Facebook won’t comment on the Instagram issue, but what I’ve learned from some developers who’ve dealt with it is that when Instagram tried to block some offensive accounts, they inadvertently blocked the IPs of lots of valid, perfectly fine accounts and are now scrambling to try to disentangle the good from the bad. They won’t admit anything because they’re already struggling to meet financial forecasts and don’t want any more bad publicity.”

Some user recommended solutions:

A- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YCIDMgXVKI

B- This is what another user with the same problem did to solve the issue:

  1. Log in through the Web with your phone or computer; go to your profile;
  2. click on setting;‎
  3. stroll down then click Temporary Disable My Account, complete the process then wait for some hours to enable IG complete the disabling process;
  4. log in through Igrann (it would be possible to log in this time) then link your FB account immediately (swipe down from top any iGrann screen, press Settings and then Link Facebook) ;
  5. you are all set, the next time to want to log in, just log in using the “log in with facebook”. However in case you have multiple IG accounts, you are to create another facebook account(s) and follow the same process with each of your account(s).

C- Another user solved it this way

  1. Delete app
  2. Restart phone
  3. Log in to instagram.com via browser
  4. While logged in to instagram, download app from blackberry world, then without closing instagram on web
  5. Open app and log in.‎

Please let me know if it works for you.

Not able to login or lost password

If your are having a hard time logging in to an existing account, try logging in directly on www.instagram.com to make sure the problem is not a wrong username and/or password. If you forgot your password and/or username, then you can use iGrann’s Forgot Password feature on the bottom of the login screen or go directly to the Instagram reset password page.

NOTE: to reset your password, you MUST have access to the email account associated with your Instagram account. If you do not have access to the email account, only Instagram can help.

For more login help, see here.

Login Required Message

If you get “Login Required” message:

    1. After this procedure, you will have to login to iGrann again. So, make sure you write down your username, password and email address associated with your Instagram account. If you are not sure, login to www.instagram.com to verify.
    1. log out from iGrann (swipe down from top of any igrann screen and press on Log Out)
    1. restart app
    1. log in again

Not Receiving Security Code

See here

Disabled account

Instagram is known to disable accounts for violating terms of use & guidelines and sometimes for no apparent reason. If your account was disabled, see here. Also two interesting links:

Hacked account

If your account was hacked, see here